Mikis Theodorakis and Bronze Soldier

World known Greek composer and leftist politician Mikis Theodorakis (1925-2021) died on Sept.2. Russiaõs main TV channel Rossiya24 dedicated to him several minutes, incl. affirmation that he had protested the removal of Bronze soldier monument in Tallinn in April 2007. Surprising news for many, incl. participants of the Lennart Meri Conference (Sept.3-5) as they received among other papers ICDS Report. The Bronze Soldier Crisis of 2007. Revisiting an early case of the Hybrid Conclict. August 2020. It avoids mentioning of the Eurouniversity journal Baltic Horizons December 2008 Special issue No 10 Bronze Soldier Removal (170 pps). Its chronology mentions also the European Left Party meeting (representatives from 17 countries) in Tallinn on April 29, 2007, incl. the Greek one, which arranged its most famous member to make the respective statement. The survey of August 2020 also avoids mentioning the main political manouvres of this crucial day, when oppositional Rural party congress - sitting in Viljandi - thrice declined adoption of anti-governmental resolution so waited by the "pragmatic forces in parliament and Tallinn City council" as they were described by the Russian State Duma. The scheduled press-conference in Tallinn was also thrice postponed. The unborn resolution and lot of other documents are published in edition of 2008. Revisiting means as rule disclosing something new, additional. In this case the result was received with ignoring some key elements of the conflict. It looks like as part of the cancel culture.

10. 09. 2021